Property Buying Tips

Buying a property always remains to be a matter of great concern. Whether it’s an investment in a residential property or you go for a commercial project; there are few basic points that one should always keep in mind, so that it turns out to be a fruitful and wisely made decision for you.

Planning & Research

 Before buying property the most considerable factor is the purpose of buying whether for residential, commercial, long term investment or short term

• The first thing to take in consideration is to do your research. As without the complete research you can't understand the present scenario of real estate in
your area and you won't get the best deal. So do your thorough research.

Expenditure including hidden charges

After doing research sort out the property list as per your budget.

• Check out how much amount of home loan you can get. So you have very clear picture in your mind that which options are available to you.

• Include all other expenditure like real estate agent's (broker's) commission, lawyer's fees, registration & notary charges in your budget so later on any
hidden charges don't popup.

• Know about the resale value of property.

Legal Documents

 Check the seller has all the legal documents related to property. If you can't check it yourself, do it from a lawyer. This will prevent you from getting into any
  trouble later.

• The most important is the title clearance of the property. Make sure about it as with unclear property title you can't get home loan from any financial

• Ask for all the required documents which show property is free from any liability. And make sure all layout plans of building are approved & registered
by government.

• Make sure any outstanding liabilities (if any like mortgage exists) are cleared by seller.

• Make sure all the facilities like electricity, water along with parking, location, connection with all roads are perfect.

Other points of consideration

Choosing the right location.

• Short listing an agent, if required.

• Return on the investment.

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